Mark Wahlberg Drops Hilarious Response When Asked to Give Young Actor Advice

Get a jacuzzi and a medical marijuana license. That’s the advice actor Mark Wahlberg gave Hollywood newcomer and “Spiderman” star Tom Holland.

Wahlberg and Holland appeared on the U.K.’S “The Graham Norton Show” to discuss their upcoming projects and careers, According to Bizpac Review reported.

During the segment, Norton asked Wahlberg to give some advice to the 21-year-old newcomer.

The 46-year-old celebrity responded: “I’m the last person you should ask for advice. You’ve never been to jail, have you?”  Wahlberg quipped, to which Holland responded that he had not.

“See it’s a complete role reversal. I went to jail before I had a career, so he’s going to go to jail at some point during your career,” Wahlberg joked as the audience laughed in the background.

“No don’t take any advice from me,” Wahlberg said in a more serious tone. “The first check I got, I ran to the Mercedes dealer and bought a car.”

“I didn’t have money for registration or insurance. The police towed the vehicle because I was driving without insurance, so you don’t want any advice from me,” he explained.

“LA’s the move.Get a jacuzzi. Bring the boys to Cali,” Wahlberg added, referring to Holland’s brothers.

“Get a medical marijuana license,” he continued. “Have some fun, dude. Have some fun for me. I’m 46-years-old, I’m married, I have four kids, I get yelled at and they tell me how much they hate me.”

Watch the hilarious interaction below. The segment starts around 0:25.

Of course, Wahlberg was just having some fun with the young actor. But hey, at least Holland can learn from Wahlberg’s mistakes. That’s the best piece of advice he could have received.

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Source: Mark Wahlberg Gives Hilarious Advice to Up And Coming Actor Tom Holland

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