Man Hears a Loud Pop… What He Finds on Shelf Could Have Killed Him

The odds are one in a million!

“Video games are bad for you.” Even the most casual gamer has probably heard this lecture a hundred times — but what if a video game literally saved your life?

That unlikely scenario is exactly what happened to one player in Arizona. The Phoenix resident was reportedly sitting at a computer when there was a a loud “pop,” along with the sound of breaking glass. “At first I thought a light bulb had burst,” the gamer explained in a post on Imgur, using the name RabbitMix.

Shockingly, something much more dangerous had happened. The sound didn’t come from a light bulb… it had come from a bullet.

“(I) soon noticed the cloud of drywall dust in the air and a bullet hole to the left of my monitor,” the poster explained.


Drywall does a very poor job of stopping bullets. The projectile might have continued through the room if not for an unexpected shield: A large video game case.

“I started looking for where the bullet had ended up and my heart sunk as I saw this hole in my Elder Scrolls anthology,” RabbitMix continued. The thick case containing the collection of game disks was apparently enough to capture the bullet.

The amazing incident quickly went viral online, and the gamer answered questions as well as provided photos of the heroic game case. The user explained that neighbors in the adjoining apartment unintentionally fired a weapon.

“I’m 99 percent sure they didn’t mean to fire the gun,” RabbitMix wrote. “I did contact the police and my landlord, the neighbors are getting evicted.”

The lucky game player also explained that the projectile was likely a fairly large but slow handgun round. “The police officer who took it said he wasn’t sure but it looked like a 45.”


After seeing the photos of the incredible incident, the creators of the game offered to replace the lifesaving collection.

“(Game publisher) Bethesda has offered to send me a new copy of TES Anthology,” the gamer exclaimed. “Of course I said yes!”

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Source: Man Hears Pop, Discovers Video Games Saved Him From a Bullet

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