Man Arrested for Sleeping With 12-Year Old Gives Police Chilling Excuse for Act

When a Connecticut man was arrested for sexually assaulting a minor, he did what most guilty criminals do — he made an excuse.

But it’s the excuse that he made that’s turning heads.

Matthew Noto, age 20, claimed that he thought the unnamed minor, who was 12-years old, was “15 going on 16,” according to NBC Connecticut.

NBC Connecticut reports that that the investigation began last month when a classmate of the victim told police that the victim had informed her of a relationship with an older boy.

The classmate reportedly told police that the victim believed the “boy” she was in a relationship with was possibly 17 or 18 years old, not the 20 years old that he turned out to be.

Police reached out to the victim, and discovered that the scenario was even worse than originally thought.

The child told police that she had sex with Noto once, and they had done so without utilizing protection, making what was already an abhorrent crime that demanded justice even more reckless. Noto reportedly told her not to tell any of her friends about the act.

Police confronted Noto with the situation, and he admitted to relations, but claimed that he believed that the victim was slightly older than she was — according to the Connecticut General Assembly website, that’s still under age for the state of Connecticut.

Noto has been charged with sexual assault of a minor and risk of injury to a minor, according to NBC Connecticut.

Some victims of a sexual assault are in a position to defend themselves. Because of her age and apparent naivete, the girl in this case wasn’t. Hopefully, justice will be done in this case.

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Source: Man Claims He Thought Girl Was Older After Sleeping With Child

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