Mad Dog Mattis Strikes Fear into Americans With Truth Behind State of Afghanistan

Mattis is not the type to sugarcoat anything.

Speaking in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, the ever-stoic Defense Secretary James Mattis delivered the blunt truth on the current state of the war in Afghanistan, and it isn’t particularly good for the U.S.

Reuters reported Mattis said we are “not winning” in Afghanistan, but that the wheels are in motion to potentially change that situation on the ground as soon as mid-July.

The Afghan government only controls about 60 percent of the country — down roughly 10 percent from 2016 — due to a resurgence by the radical Islamists in the Taliban, the Islamic State group and other jihadist organizations like Al Qaeda.

According to Politico, Mattis received heated questions from Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain, who demanded to know why the Trump administration has yet to devise a new strategy for our nation’s longest war.

“We want a strategy, and I don’t think that’s a hell of a lot to ask,” stated McCain. “We’re now six months into this administration. We still haven’t got a strategy for Afghanistan. It makes it hard for us to support you when we don’t have a strategy. We know what the strategy was for the last eight years: Don’t lose.”

“We are not winning in Afghanistan right now,” replied Mattis, but “we will correct this as soon as possible.”

“I believe by mid-July, we’ll be able to brief you in detail,” added Mattis. “We’re putting it together now and … there are actions being taken to make certain that we don’t pay a price for the delay. But we recognize the need for urgency, and your criticism is fair.”

That change in Afghan strategy likely will include broader decision-making authority given to Mattis by President Donald Trump, particularly in regard to troop levels. It could also include deploying an additional 3,000 to 5,000 troops to the region to help bolster and further train the struggling Afghan security forces, according to The New York Times.

Trump had already given Mattis quite a bit of authority in regard to the situation in Iraq and Syria, and increased the autonomy of commanders on the ground in virtually all regions where combat is taking place.

The president has also called for an increase in the defense budget to help rebuild and strengthen America’s military.

It is certainly not good news to hear that we are “not winning” in Afghanistan right now, but that dismaying and deadly turn of events can be traced back to the prior administration that withdrew troops while the enemy regrouped and renewed their assault on the war-torn nation.

However, if there were ever anyone capable of turning the dismal situation in Afghanistan around, it would be the “Warrior Monk,” retired General “Mad Dog” Mattis.

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Source: Mad Dog Mattis Says We Are Not Winning in Afghanistan

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