Liberals Are Absolutely Hating This Dancing Baby for 1 Disgusting Reason

Liberals are crucifying businesswoman and first daughter Ivanka Trump after she posted an Instagram video featuring her child dancing in the kitchen.

According to PJ Media, the famous daughter of President Donald Trump posted the video on Thursday to show her 3-year-old son, Joseph, dancing when she came back from work.

“Little moments matter, especially for working moms!! #TBT to an after-work dance party with my boys,” she captioned the post.

But liberals on social media didn’t take too kindly to the post, saying it clearly shows that Ivanka Trump does not care about the real struggles of working women. The crankier ones argued that the post is not relatable, as most mothers do not have the funds to have staff take care of their children while they work.

The Root’s Stephen A. Crockett Jr. called the post “the worst thing on the internet” and even went so far as to say the video is “staged cuteness.”

Take a look at the controversial video below:

This ignited a Twitter firestorm from liberals who accused Ivanka Trump of suffering from what some might call “rich privilege.”

These claims are ridiculous. It probably did not dawn on any of these liberals that perhaps Mrs. Trump simply wanted to share a video of her child dancing.

It raises the question: Would the liberal response be different if Chelsea Clinton posted the same video?

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Source: Libs Furious at Ivanka Trump’s Dancing Baby

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