KJU Furious After One of His Own Committed Treacherous Act Against Dictatorship

Tensions between the United States and North Korea have steadily rising over the past few months, thanks in part to North Korea’s continued pursuit of ballistic missile technology, and President Donald Trump’s vows to stomp down on the rogue nation.

In early June, things got a little more dicey when a North Korean soldier walked right across the demilitarized zone and defected to South Korea, the U.K. Daily Mail reported.

The soldier was being detained by South Korean officials, understandably, to ascertain what his motives in defecting to South Korea were. And undoubtedly make sure he wasn’t some North Korean spy.

The BBC noted that this was the third North Korean soldier to successfully defect in as many years — though it is unclear how many have attempted to defect across the heavily fortified DMZ and have either been caught or killed by the North Korean government.

There was very little information about what happened to the soldier after he was detained by South Korean officials.

If this soldier was a true defector, South Korea and the United States would want to ensure his safety from the North Koreans by not giving away any details about his location.

North Korean despot Kim Jong Un would likely be furious about this defection, and we’ve seen that the North Koreans are capable of carrying out assassinations on foreign soil.

Adding to this whole mess is North Korea’s continued pursuit of ballistic missile technology. On July 3, North Korea successfully launched what may be its first intercontinental ballistic missile, Fox News reported.

This ICBM marks a major turning point in North Korea’s missile program, and will likely cause several United States administration officials to worry that our options with North Korea are running out.

Hopefully the defector will be able to provide some insight into the North Korean military so that if the Trump administration decides to retaliate for this missile strike, it is able to do so effectively and with minimal escalation.

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Source: North Korean Soldier Defects Across DMZ

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