Kindergarten Teacher Fired After School Realizes Her Night Job

Talk about an “extra-curricular” activity!

There are some hobbies and side jobs that just don’t go well with a traditional career.

One kindergarten teacher just found that out the hard way, after she was fired for having a not-so-secret moonlighting gig: Pornography.

21-year-old Nina Skye reportedly works as a teacher at a Christian school — or at least she used to. According to the Daily Mail, the young woman has been let go from her teaching position after she refused to stop shooting adult videos as a second job.

“I know what I’m doing when it comes to teaching,” Skye told Fox KTTV. “I’m a really good teacher.”

She’s apparently pretty good at extra-curricular activities, too. “I love teaching. I love sex. If I can get away with doing both, then I will,” she continued.

Skye may have thought that the two sides of her life worked fine together, but unsurprisingly, the Christian school disagreed.

Staff members at the unnamed facility reportedly tried to talk the teacher out of taking more adult gigs. When she refused, however, they had no choice but to let her go.

“They were really trying to pull me away from staying in the industry,” the young woman explained. “They just really wanted me out. They offered help and advice, but I don’t really want out.”

The school appears to have a solid case that goes beyond a difference of opinion. Nina Skye’s teaching contract reportedly contains a clause which porn appearances clearly violate.

“It goes against their views of fornication, like sex before marriage and that’s what I’m doing. They say it goes against the paper I signed, saying I wouldn’t do that,” admitted the teacher turned actress.

Skye didn’t hide the fact that money was a major reason for her decision to stay in adult films, even at the cost of her traditional career.

“It’s easy money. For my very first scene, I just did a regular boy on girl [adult video scene] and I got paid $2,500 on the spot. I never had that much money, ever, just handed to me in my life,” she stated.

Individuals certainly have the right to live their life as they see fit, as long as they deal with the consequences of those decisions. In the case of Nina Skye, those consequences include losing a teaching position that she will likely never be able to regain.

Decisions that a person makes at age 21 can easily haunt them for the rest of their life. “Easy money” is not all it’s cracked up to be — and unfortunately, this young woman may discover this hard fact of life down the road.

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Source: Teacher Fired After It’s Discovered She Works in Pornography

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