Kim Jong Un Sends Thousands of “Slaves” to Russia for Ridiculously Cruel Reason

How could he be so cruel?

The ruthless and relentless leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, sends thousands of “slaves” to Russia and other parts of the world each year to work in return for cash to fund his regime.

According to the New York Times on Tuesday, a report released last year by the Data Base Center for North Korean Human Rights estimated that there are nearly 50,000 North Koreans currently working for pitiful wages in Russia — with thousands more spread across the rest of globe.

While the workers makes significantly more than they would if they worked domestically in North Korea, their salaries are significantly reduced by nearly 80 percent in some cases as the Workers’ Party of Korea seizes a large percentage of their wages. Additional amounts are taken to cover living expenses, so called “donations,” and contributions to a North Korean loyalty fund.

Workers toil in industries such as construction, logging, and home repair. According to the boss of a Russian decorating company, the workers are living like slaves as they work “crazily long hours.”

“They don’t take holidays. They eat, work, and sleep and nothing else. And they don’t sleep much,” the unidentified boss said. “They are basically in the situation of slaves.”

The U.K Daily Mail reported that while the work in Russia is slave-like in its nature, it’s reportedly better than staying in North Korea. So much so, North Koreans have bribed government officials in the past to send them to Russia.

Last month, the United States State Department released a report stating that North Koreans working in Russia are subjected to conditions similar to those found in human trafficking circumstances.

They reportedly experience “non payment for services rendered, physical abuse, lack of safety measures, and extremely poor living conditions” in addition to having their identification documents withheld. They are threatened with government reprisals against themselves or family members if they complain.

In Russia, North Koreans generate about $120 million a year for the Kim regime and are a significant revenue stream for the floundering nation. Increased international sanctions and an embargo on North Korean coal imports with China have crippled the country’s economy under Kim and prompted increases in wage garnishments for workers abroad in recent years.

The conditions under which North Koreans live and work both domestically and abroad are deplorable and violate every right they have as humans. Watchdog groups can do only so much to alleviate degradation these North Koreans experience and live each day.

This is the same regime President Donald Trump has declared to be the United States’ No. 1 security threat. It’s time it was dealt with.

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Source: Kim Jong Un Sends Tens of Thousands of Workers to Russia to Earn Money for NK

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