Ken Starr Stuns Left… Reveals Bombshell About Trump’s Obstruction Investigation

Ken Starr just dropped this bomb.

On Wednesday, liberals could hardly contain their glee after The Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump was being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller for potential obstruction of justice.

Appearing on CNN, Ken Starr, the former independent counsel who investigated then-President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, stunned liberals by throwing some cold water on the alleged obstruction of justice investigation.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked Starr if he thought there was a legal case to be made based on the so-called evidence that has been made public about Trump’s comments to former FBI Director James Comey about former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

“It’s too soon to tell,” Starr said. “From what I’ve seen — and of course we don’t know a whole lot — the answer is ‘no.’”

Starr is a nationally known figure because of the way he handled his investigation into Clinton, so his bombshell statement about proving obstruction of justice is likely going to upset a lot of over-eager liberals.

Any reasonable prosecutor could tell you that trying to charge someone with obstruction of justice because they said they “hoped” that something would happen is impossible.

“Obstruction of justice is really a hard crime to make out,” Starr continued. “Comey said in his testimony that even though the expression was ‘hope,’ he took it as a directive, but what we know is [Trump] didn’t do anything about it. He did not dismiss the investigation or curtail the investigation.”


Indeed, despite all of the accusations that Trump is trying to stop the Russia investigation, it continues to this day, and Trump hasn’t actually done anything to put an end to it.

“His literal language was ‘hope,’ and I think that redounds to the benefit of the president,” Starr said. “He was saying, ‘Golly, I sure wish this would go away.’”

Now, there have been some reports that the obstruction of justice investigation is actually focused on Trump’s firing of Comey — something Trump himself seemed to allude to on Friday morning — but even then, proving intent to obstruct justice would be very hard to do.

Liberals need to start accepting that this special counsel/investigation is unlikely to end up with charges being leveled against Trump.

If there was actual evidence of wrongdoing, it is likely that it would have been leaked long ago.

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Source: Ken Starr Says There’s Not Enough Evidence for Obstruction Charge on Trump

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