JUST IN: CNN Reveals Stunning Sean Spicer Career Announcement

This is a surprise.

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer has had an eventful week that ended with a surprise.

Shortly after the news of Spicer resigning from his position hit the media on Friday, CNN revealed a stunning career announcement about the former face of the Trump media operation.

The network announced that it would not consider hiring Spicer to be a contributor.

The announcement is a turnabout from previous CNN practices when it comes to Trump aides who’ve left his employment. The network hired former Trump aide Jason Miller and former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski as contributors in the past.

“CNN spokesperson says that the network will not seek to hire Sean Spicer as a contributor, unlike other past Trump officials,” BuzzFeed reporter Steven Perlberg posted to Twitter.

The snub represents the contentious relationship the the so-called news outlet has experienced with the president and his administration.

During a news briefing on Friday, new White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read a statement from President Donald Trump thanking Spicer for his service to the administration.

The White House confirmed Anthony Scaramucci’s new role as director of the White House communications department and Trump said Scaramucci will be “an important addition to the administration,” according to Sanders.

Spicer’s resignation reportedly came after Trump’s decision to appoint the Wall Street financier as communications director. In his own appearance before reporters Friday, Scaramucci said Spicer’s departure was Spicer’s decision.

“I would love to have Sean here … Sean decided it would be better for him to go … his attitude is: if Anthony is coming in, let me clear the slate,” Scaramucci said, according to a Business Insider transcipt.

Spicer posted to Twitter that it had been an honor to serve the president and the country, adding that he would continue his service through August.


Who knows if Spicer would have accepted a position at CNN? But one thing is certain — his sharp and witty exchanges with the media will be missed.

By the American public anyway, if not by CNN.

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Source: Just In: CNN Issues Decision on Whether or Not to Hire Sean Spicer

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