If Lawmaker Had His Way, We Would Be Eating Hippo Steaks

There’s a bill that would get some heads turning.

The United States was once extremely close to having hippopotamus meat become a staple protein in the country, and the story behind it is absolutely fascinating.

Rewind back to 1910. As PJ Media reports, there was a massive influx of immigrants to the country — so much so, in fact, that their consumption of meat led to a beef shortage as farmers were being outpaced by the increasing numbers of consumers.

Enter Louisiana Congressman Robert F. Broussard, who introduced the Hippo Bill, which “sought the appropriation of $250,000 to import useful animals (such as hippos) into the United States,” according to Scientific American.

The bill received popular support and was praised in the media. But obviously, it eventually fell through.

So what happened?

“Eventually lawmakers became skeptical of the idea, and the Department of Agriculture rallied against the proposal by asserting that useless bogs and marshlands should be converted into cow pastures, and that eating hippo meat is weird,” PJ Media reported. “The American Hippo Bill just barely failed the vote, and the delightfully wacky concept fell into obscurity.”

Of course, having hippos here could have been really, really awful.

Why, do you ask? Well, anyone who has ever seen a nature documentary that happened to include hippos will know just how incredibly dangerous they actually are.

They are extremely aggressive animalls, and have been known to attack and kill humans completely unprovoked. In fact, a staggering 2,900 people are killed annually by hippos, according to the Mother Nature Network.

These beasts could well have made the waters of Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana a very dangerous place to be, indeed.

Although there would be a certain novelty to having the creatures out in the United States, I for one am very glad that I have never had the opportunity for hippo steak.

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Source: Hippos Were Once Considered for US Food Source

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