Hunters See Antler-Locked Deer… So They Grab the Chainsaw

When two hunters came upon a couple of deer in a life-threatening situation, they quickly jumped into action and rescued the animals using an interesting item — a pole chainsaw.

In a video picked up by Wide Open Spaces, hunters Mark Drury and Wade Robinson recount how they were bow hunting in a green field in Missouri when they heard a horrible grunting and growling noise coming from what they thought was a deer in distress.

As they got closer to check out the situation, they realized that there were two, giant bucks whose antlers had become locked together, making it impossible for them to get loose.

“We’re gonna go down here and see what that buck’s doing,” Robinson said on the video. “Sounds like he might be dying.”

Drury described it as the “most unbelievable sound,” but what they discovered was even more unbelievable. In fact, Drury said, it blew their minds.

“I cannot believe what I’m witnessing,” he said. “These bucks literally just got locked up.”

At first, the hunters were unsure of how to react or what to do to help the deer, but they knew they had to do something to get them free before they broke their necks and killed each other trying to get free on their own.

That’s when Drury suggested sawing them apart, remembering a couple of other hunters who had to do something similar in the past.

He also wanted to record the situation on video so that they could share the experience with other hunters.

Watch the incredible video here:

So cool!

Hunters almost always take the field with a specific prey in mind, but they never know what they might find in the great outdoors. This video is just one more example that hunters need to be prepared for almost anything.

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Source: Hunters Free Trapped Deer With Help of a Pole Saw

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