Here’s the “Tier-1” Threat Texas Is Fighting to Contain

This is a threat like no other.

While choosing to live in Texas brings with it a litany of benefits, including great weather and an awesome governor, life in the Lone Star State also presents a myriad of risks, many of them linked directly to the Mara Salvatrucha gang, known generally as MS-13.

In a gang threat report published in 2015, Texas officials described the gang as a “Tier 1” threat because its presence in the state had begun to grow rapidly. By the start of 2017 that threat had blossomed to the point that the state upgraded MS-13 to “one of the state’s most significant gang threats,” as noted in an updated report by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

“Although significant numbers of MS-13 members have been captured along the border, it is likely that many more have successfully crossed into Texas and remain hidden from law enforcement, most likely in cities with large Central American communities,” this recent report warned.

This is a threat like no other, and it doesn’t help that MS-13 members have no qualms about committing gruesome acts of violence.

As noted by Breitbart, most MS-13 gang members are “foreign nationals from El Salvador or first-generation immigrants from Central America” who “are much more prone to attack Border Patrol agents than the Mexican cartels operating the region or others.”

In other words, the difference between Mexican cartels and MS-13 is similar to the difference between the common cold and the flu. While both are bad, one is significantly worse.

For example, consider what has been occurring in Houston, where “MS-13 brutality and gang violence (have been) escalating to frightening levels,” according to a March report by local station KTRK. The station added that while the numbers of murders committed by MS-13 members “may not be rising, their level of brutality is.”

“These are some of the most graphic things we’ve encountered,” FBI special agent Mark Sabol, who reportedly assists local officers in solving gang-related crimes, told the station, referring to the gruesomeness of murders committed by the gang.

Just this week, two known MS-13 gang members were arrested and charged in Texas for two sets of crimes — kidnapping a male victim in early February “with the intent to inflict bodily injury, sexually abuse and terrorize him,” according to court documents cited by the San Antonio Express-News, and killing a woman and then dumping her body later that same month.

The violence from these thugs appears to be never ending, which is why MS-13 is considered a “Tier 1 threat” — and why even the Trump administration has taken note of this sick gang. Until this threat is fully neutralized, be careful out there, Texans.

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Source: Here’s the “Tier-1” Threat Texas Is Fighting to Contain

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