Hannity Responds to MSNBC Host’s Attack Over Seth Rich Story With Perfect Comeback

Fox News host Sean Hannity took a shot at Joe Scarborough after the MSNBC “Morning Joe” host called Hannity’s coverage of Democratic national Committee staffer Seth Rich‘s death “gross” and “repulsive.”

“Now we are reduced to fake news and Sean Hannity ripping the hearts out of parents for their son, their young, gifted son who was shot in the back, and trying to twist that into something that somehow helps Donald Trump. It’s gross and it’s repulsive,” Scarborough said on his show Friday.

News outlet Mediaite reached out to Hannity and asked him what he thought of Scarborough’s comment.

“LOL, Joe and Mika are so cute together. Do they hold hands under the desk?” Hannity said in an email, adding, “That would be the only reason to watch the low-rated daily emotional breakdowns they have.”


Hannity does have a point. Since President Donald Trump won the presidential election, the crew at MSNBC has resorted to rather emotional and embarrassing outbursts. They, along with other mainstream media outlets, use every opportunity they can do trash Fox News and the president.

Hannity has received a fair amount of criticism for covering controversial story that many are calling a conspiracy. Advertisers also pulled some of their ads from the “Hannity” show on Fox.

On Tuesday, Fox News retracted one of its articles on the case, saying it did not undergo the usual level of editorial scrutiny that most published stories do.

Hannity later announced on his Fox News show that he will no longer discuss Rich’s case on television out of respect for the family, but he told his radio listeners that would press on and continue to discuss it on his radio show and on other outlets.

Hannity’s comeback is proving that he isn’t going to take others attacking him without fighting back.

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Source: Sean Hannity Responds to Joe Scarborough’s Attack Over Seth Rich Coverage

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