Gov. Walker Slams Lib Snowflakes: “Can I Get You a…”


No matter how you spent this week, it probably wasn’t quite as epic as Gov. Scott Walker’s. Not only did he manage to decimate liberal snowflakes, he did it in the most Wisconsin way possible: With beer and cheese curds.

In a series of messages on his Twitter account, the two-term Republican governor of the Badger State told the aggrieved left that hate on his social media accounts that it was time to chill out and have a brewsky.

“For those in the liberal media who don’t like my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, I have a simple response: Can I get you a beer?” Walker posted Thursday.

As you can see, his message was accompanied by an ice-cold can of beer:

Less triggering, tastes great!

But perhaps you’re a beer snob and refuse to drink anything more commercial than an IPA that tastes like the twice-distilled sap of a Douglas fir. Well, the Wisconsin governor has you covered, too:

Don't like drinking beer from a can? How about a bottle of one of these? #Chill

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“Don’t like drinking beer from a can? How about a bottle of one of these? #Chill,” Walker posted.

In all fairness, none of those look like they have quite the Pine-Sol/rancid Cheetos vibe that modern IPAs give off, but I’m sure even Brooklyn’s hippest vegan bloggers can find something they like. Or, if you’re not so vegan, perhaps you could go for some of Wisconsin’s other famous export: cheese!

How about some cheese curds with your beer?

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“How about some cheese curds with your beer?” Walker concluded.

Of course, those who find themselves outraged by Walker should have plenty to drink about. After all, he’s the union-busting governor who’s helped turn a traditionally blue state red, survived a recall and won two general elections. Now that he’s going for a third term, Walker haters are going to be reaching for something a little stronger than Miller Lite — and we couldn’t be happier.

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Source: Gov. Walker Tells Crying Snowflakes to Chill out and Grab a Beer

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