GOP Billionaire Drops Horrifying Trump Statement


For a big-time Republican operator, this guy sure talks like a Democrat.

One of the top health care investment executives in the country let loose on President Donald Trump this week with a blast of invective against Trump so disgusting that it should shame even the most ardent liberal critics – if they had any decency.

In an interview with the liberal-leaning Beltway news outlet Politico, Miami resident and heavyweight Republican donor Mike Fernandez called the president an “abortion of a human being,” and even went so far as to say the 71-year-old commander in chief should have been murdered at birth – or possibly in the womb.

“If I was the doctor and knew what that baby would do, I’d have made sure it never would have seen the light of day,” Fernandez said, according to Politico.

Politico didn’t include any clues to the context of the interview – like whether Fernandez might have been dead drunk at the time, lit up on anti-depressants, or possibly wearing a straight jacket and frothing uncontrollably when he wasn’t mouthing obscene observations about the president.

Or possibly he talks this way sane and sober, which might be more worrisome.

But it’s pretty clear Trump Derangement Syndrome isn’t limited to the card-carrying members of the Democrat Party.

Because Fernandez is a Republican – and a big-money, big-donor, establishment Republican to boot, the kind who hate Trump more than they’ve ever disagreed with a liberal.

He’s the kind of Republican who backed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush during his low-energy primary campaign run. And the kind of Republican who pledged $2 million to Hillary Clinton back in September to help her defeat his own party’s nominee for the presidency, according to the Miami Herald.

But a Republican nonetheless.

And apparently, that gave him license to attack the rest of the party, too, in the crude way of speaking Democrats have gotten addicted to since Trump was sworn into the presidency. (Only conservatives and other adults notice it makes liberals sounds like adolescents trying to shock their parents.)

“All the Republicans who hide behind the flag and hide behind the church, they don’t have the f***ing balls to do what it takes,” Fernandez said, according to Politico.

(Wow. Can’t you just hear Democrats swooning? He must be tough, he can curse!)

Not surprisingly, Fernandez’s outburst got him a lot of liberal love on Twitter. Everyone knows a bad boy makes Democrat hearts go pitter-patter, and one who hates Trump is simply to die for.

But saner heads took a different view.



But some Fernandez critics even indulged in a little strong language of their own.

Now, that’s a little heavy-handed, but it’s understandable.

After all, this is a man with gobs of money and apparently a pretense of Republican principles, but seems to hold the conservative principle of respect for life very lightly indeed.

He compares a political opponent to an “abortion of a human being.” He openly muses about being the doctor who murders a baby, snuffing out an innocent life in violation of every standard of decency human beings have developed over the millennia since the birth of Christ.

Granted, he was talking about a baby named Donald Trump, but he was also talking about cold-blooded murder — for political ends. And being obscene about it while he was at it.

Staunch Republicans can have their differences with Trump, but even big-time GOP donors who talk like this come off sounding a lot like foul-mouthed frauds, especially when they backed a Hillary Clinton presidency — and the disaster that would have been for the Republican party and the country as a whole.

Man, for a big-time Republican operator, he sure talks like a Democrat.

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Source: Billionaire Drops Horrifying Trump Statement

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