Feminist Tells Followers to Perform Crude Act Around Trump Tower to “Protest”

The radical left is at it again! This time, they released a disgusting demand that men relieve themselves outside Trump Tower in New York City to protest President Donald Trump.

According to Weasel Zippers, liberal feminist blogger for New York magazine Emily Yoshida posted the call to action on her Twitter page.

The Gateway Pundit explained how Yoshida encouraged men to break the law in her May 4 Twitter posts when she asked them to “form a perimeter around Trump Tower at 6PM and start peeing.” Yes, you read that right. Yoshida asked men to gather in a circle and relieve themselves together — in public — to protest President Donald Trump.

Here’s what she wrote:

If you thought those tweets were bad, just wait until you see what she said next. Not only did she ask a group of men to pee outside Trump Tower, but wanted to make sure they screamed while doing so.

Take a look:

Conservatives, of course, realize just how ridiculous and disgusting this is, and flooded Yoshida’s account with counter-tweets.


Just when it seems radical liberals have hit rock bottom when it comes to disgusting new ways to protest, they blow us all out of the water with  new, more horrifying way to express their views.

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Source: Lib Tells Twitter Followers to Protest By Peeing Around Trump Tower

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