Eichenwalds Dirty Little Secret Spills Out When Trying to Take Jab at Tucker


Kurt Eichenwald has not had a particularly great year. The Newsweek writer got caught spreading fake news about Donald Trump, openly hoped for the deaths of family members of Republicans who voted for the AHCA, and topped it all off with a truly demented appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show.

Now, we’re learning a little bit more about what Eichenwald does in his spare time, and … well, let’s just say his wife is likely going to be paying a lot more attention to his browser history.

In a tweet which showed a photo of his computer screen, Eichenwald revealed he had been looking at hentai, a type of Japanese pornographic comic.

The whole thing began over anti-semitic hate mail that Eichenwald had allegedly been sent by an internet troll. (Eichenwald, for the record, is Episcopalian — not that this makes the hate mail any less reprehensible, it just makes the sender more of an idiot.)

Eichenwald took a picture of the flier and posted it on Twitter. What he forgot to do was close a few of his internet browsing tabs:

Now, take a close look at the one on the far right:

B-Chiku is, according to The Daily Caller, a hentai pornographic comic. Wonderful. Just what I wanted to picture this man looking at right before he took this photograph.

It was also next to a tab that contained a Salon article called “Tucker Carlson’s downward spiral.” Yes, there are certain things Kurt can’t let go of, even when the siren call of Japanese illustrated pornography is just too strong to ignore.

You’ll never believe this, but Eichenwald insists he was only looking at B-Chiku to prove a point to his wife. Really! He swears!

This one’s kind of hard to explain in a PG-13 way, but basically, the Japanese have long employed, um, certain creatures of the sea in animated and/or illustrated pornographic material as a way around the country’s obscenity laws.

Anything further elaboration on this is just going to hurt your brain and mine, so let’s just say that looking at this with your kids to prove to your wife that it actually exists is possibly the worst excuse you could give.

The point is that I think it’s time Eichenwald took a long vacation to get things straightened out. Maybe his wife could book one for him. One suggestion, though — make sure Tokyo isn’t on the itinerary.

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Source: Eichenwald Accidentally Proves Disturbing Anime Porn Browse History

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