Drunk Man Missed 1 Sign, Crocodile Made Him Pay for It

An American tourist visiting Cancun, Mexico, was recently attacked by a crocodile when he ignored warning signs about the creatures and took his drunken antics to a croc-infested lagoon — and lost an arm in the process.

Cal Monzon was reportedly urinating in the Nichupte Lagoon in the southeastern Mexican state of Quintana Roo when the massive reptile swam out of the shallow water and bit his forearm off at the elbow, according to the U.K. Sun.

The 40-year-old struggled with the beast, but managed to get away. An ambulance rushed him to a local hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

Monzon was listed in critical condition, and according to the Riviera Maya News, he was fighting for his life.

The lagoon where the attack occurred is a tourist hotspot in Cancun and is known for its crocodile-infested waters, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

In fact, just days prior to Monzon’s attack, local businesses and residents expressed concern over the reptiles leaving the lagoon and coming around restaurants, hotels and homes in the area.

Gonzalo Merediz Alonso, the executive director of Friends of Sian Ka’an, told the Riviera Maya News that the roughly 120 crocodiles that live in the lagoon needed to be moved into an enclosed habitat.

While there are signs posted around the lagoon, warning of the dangerous creatures that live within its waters, several people, like Monzon, have ignored those signs and found themselves victims of the deadly beasts.

Onca Maya, a conservation organization, reported that there have been 36 crocodile attacks on humans in Quintana Roo, including Cancun, over the past 22 years, according to the New York Daily News.

Just last year, Jonathan Schoeneman — an American visiting from Houston — was attacked by a crocodile while spearfishing in a Cancun lagoon.

The 13-foot animal crushed Schoeneman’s skull with its teeth, which required the victim to receive 200 stitches and metal plates to hold his head and jaw together, the Sun reported.

If you’re planning to travel to Mexico anytime soon, be sure you keep you and your loved ones away from lagoons and other crocodile-infested areas.

Staying relatively sober might be a good idea, too.

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Source: Man Ignores Warning Signs, Loses Arm After Croc Attack

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