Dem Priorities: Official Goes on Racist Rant… Gets “Reward”

This is what he gets??

Democrats are always eager to paint Republicans as a bunch of racist white men who are out to oppress everyone who doesn’t look like them and take away the rights of minorities.

However when it comes to their own party, apparently anything goes. The latest example of this hypocrisy occurred in Florida, where Florida Democratic Party Chairman Stephen Bittel made a blatant racist remark, The Miami Herald reported.

Bittel was hosting a fundraiser on Saturday, and in the interest of time decided to skip over State Senator Oscar Braynon of Miami Gardens and Representative Janet Cruz of Tampa the House Democratic leader, in favor of introducing former Vice President Joe Biden.

Braynon and Cruz are both African-American, and when they complained to Bittel about being skipped over, he dismissed their complaints while unnecessarily mentioning race.

“They’re like children, these black lawmakers. They just don’t get it,” Bittel reportedly said. Bittel also claimed that Braynon was acting like “a 3-year-old” when he complained about being skipped over.

The Miami Herald noted that while several lawmakers were outraged over these remarks, Bittel isn’t going to lose his job — at least for now.

So a Democrat makes a racist statemnt, and is rewarded by being allowed to keep his job. If a Republican said anything like this, the liberal media would undoubtedly be in an uproar, demanding his immediate dismissal.

Politico noted that Bittel didn’t make it any better by claiming the African-American lawmakers were “playing the race card,” but he eventually did apologize for his remark.

Racism should be condemned no matter who is saying it, and the fact that this Democrat wasn’t fired for his comments just goes to show how hypocritical Democrats can be.

There shouldn’t be different standards for Republicans and Democrats when it comes to racism. If you say something racist and horrible, you should be fired. It’s that simple.

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Source: Dem Keeps Job After Racist Rant

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