Cancer-Stricken Woman Not Expected to Live “Gave It to God” … Look What Happened

“I just want to spread hope …”

A Georgia woman who miraculously managed to survive stage 4 brain cancer for a decade after being told she had only a few days left to live attributes her stunning turnaround to divine intervention.

“I credit my recovery to God, 100 percent,” Ashley Hallford, 35, recently told Atlanta news station WXIA. “I always had strong faith, but we’re only human. I still worried while I was sick. Part of me held onto it and worried, and another part of me gave it to God.”

Hallford’s struggles with cancer first began about 10 years ago, approximately one month into her first pregnancy, when she visited an ear, nose and threat specialist to see about a lump on the back of her head that had been bothering her for a couple months.

The specialist placed her on a “medication and recovery” routine that seemed to work by slowly reducing the size of the lump. About 32 weeks into her pregnancy, this suddenly changed.

“This time, it didn’t shrink — it got bigger,” she recalled.

A week after Hallford gave birth to her son Harvey on Nov. 17, 2007 — who amazingly was born without any problems whatsoever — doctors removed the lump and sent it in for testing. But by the time Hallford learned that she had stage 4 brain cancer, the disease had already spread to her brain, her lungs and even her liver.

Even worse, her chances of survival were slim, as the brain tumor sat in an inoperable part of the cranium where “only God’s hands could go,” Hallford said.

Without many other options available to them, Hallford’s doctors then began treating her with every form of chemotherapy available, hoping something might work. Meanwhile, she turned to faith.

“In February or March 2008, at my church, they started praying and fasting, for the whole month,” she said. “I continued chemo through July 2008, and then had more scans to check progress. I was praying because if there was no change or things were worse,  I would be out of options.”

Somehow, someway, this worked, for Hallford was soon after told that her cancer had entered into remission.

“They said, ‘The radiologist report shows no evidence of disease present,’” she explained. “I was so dumbfounded by what she said, that I was like, ‘What does that mean?’ She said, ‘It means you’re in remission.’”

Below is a video by Hallford depicting her full struggle from beginning to end:


Nearly a decade have passed since those eventful days, and Hallford has since given birth two more perfectly healthy children — and this despite doctors believing she had entered into full-blown menopause because of the chemotherapy and radiation she had received. They thought she would never give birth again.

Speaking with WXIA, this blessed woman shared her hope that others would take from her experience.

“I just want to spread hope,” she said. “When I speak at churches, I speak about the fear. The fear and uncertainty, especially not knowing what I had. It’s scary.

“I want to give people the strength to go on — even when it comes to infertility,” she concluded. “And if that’s what I could do in life, I would die happy one day.”

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Source: Woman With Stage 4 Brain Cancer Leans on Faith, Makes Full Recovery

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