Cameras Caught KJU Making Apocalyptic Move Near ICBM

Cameras caught North Korean leader Kim Jong Un making an apocalyptic move near an intercontinental ballistic missile earlier this week, and it showed just how careless the dictator can be.

In a short video clip where the ICBM was being set up for launch, Kim is seen casually smoking a cigarette just a few feet away from the volatile, liquid-fueled rocket engine.

Senior editor of the Diplomat, Ankit Panda, noticed what an intelligent move it appeared to be at the time.

“Kim Jong-un just casually strolling around while the Hwasong-14 ICBM is erected is quite something. (Wouldn’t want a VIP that close.),” he wrote.

That’s just a little bit too close for comfort.

But no one has ever accused Kim of being responsible or even careful for that matter, so while puffing on a cigarette around a liquid-fueled missile is extremely dangerous, we cannot say that it’s very surprising.

North Korea successfully tested the Hwasong-14 for the first time on July 3. The self-guided missile flew almost 600 miles before landing in the Sea of Japan.

ICBMs are designed to carry nuclear warheads or biological warheads and there is no doubt that this is exactly how Kim would use them. He has threatened to attack the United States on more than one occasion and many fear that if he is not stopped, he will attempt to do just that.

Kim’s carelessness with and around missiles, however, could result in an outcome that might leave him and his country in tatters.

But who in their right mind would tell the Dear Respected Comrade to take a step back from a missile while smoking? And who would the North Koreans blame if the missile happened to explode, taking their leader with it?

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Source: KJU Caught Smoking Near Liquid-Fueled ICBM

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