Bulletproof Glass Stops an AR-15… But How About a Souped-Up Watergun??

Banks. Jewelry stores. The White House. These are just some of the locations that use “bulletproof” glass for protection, but the material may not be as impervious as many people believe.

A recent video from a group of backyard experimenters shows that so-called bulletproof glass can in fact stop bullets from an AR-15 rifle… however, it doesn’t do so well against a souped-up water gun.

The amateur video shows what appears to be a bullet-resistant windshield being hit with multiple .223 rifle rounds. The strong impact from the barrage of fire essentially destroyed the glass, but no bullets penetrated completely through the material.


“There’s a layer like rubber, and then glass behind it,” one of the experimenters commented about the special windshield.

“We shot that with probably 30 rounds,” stated the cameraman.

“That piece of bulletproof glass, that was actually provided to us by a company called Armormax,” the group explained. That company routinely installs bullet-resistant glass and other tough materials into the vehicles of clients.

The key word in “bulletproof” is “bullet.” The team behind the video set out to see what happens when something other than a projectile impacts the glass.

They took a piece of the specialty glass and hit it with something you might not expect: A water jet, with a stream pressure of 60,000 PSI.

Like a hot knife through butter, the jet sliced through the thick glass with ease. However, the process was anything but fast, and took over 14 minutes to complete.

“You can see all the layers in it,” exclaimed one of the experimenters once the bullet-resistant glass was cut open and examined.

The video is a good example of how every specialty job has a tool to go with it… and likely a tool that can defeat it. Bullet-resistant glass is designed for one purpose: to stop common bullets from handguns and rifles.

Once a tool such as a high-pressure water jet is brought in, however, the glass fails.

Bandits won’t likely be attacking banks with 60,000 PSI water guns any time soon, but it’s fascinating to see what would happen if they did.

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Source: Which One Beats Bulletproof Glass? Souped-Up Water Gun, or AR-15?

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