BREAKING: While World Was Distracted By Manchester, ISIS Made Big Move

Villainous scum!

The world is still reeling from the events in Manchester, England. A suicide bomber attacked an Ariana Grande concert, resulting in the death of at least 19 people. It turns out this may have been just a sleight of hand to distract us!

According to The Independent, a group affiliated with ISIS started attacking a small city in the Philippines. They currently have control of the town as we speak. A group of Islamists in black took Marawi City, which sets on the island of Mindanao. Their attacks had no particular targets.

The terrorist group was going after government officials, civilians, whoever tried to stand in their way. During the attack, they proceeded to burn buildings and raise their famous black flag in the center of the city once it was captured.

While we know that the group is called Maute, they have said on multiple occasions that they support the Islamic state in both Iraq and Syria, tying them to ISIS. These DISGUSTING people need to be taken out NOW.

Government officials are telling residents to keep safe in their homes, lock all doors and fences, and stay away from windows. If they hear gunfire, they need to get down as low as they can.

According to Yahoo News, the leader of the Island declared martial law. It is sad that this had to be done because of these savages. How much longer can we keep dealing with this kind of behavior on a global scale?

Honestly, this is EXACTLY what President Trump was talking about during his world tour speech in Saudi Arabia. Trump said that we DO NOT NEED TO TOLERATE THESE PEOPLE ON OUR SOIL!

The only way we are going to stop them is if we completely destroy them. These terrorist attacks are becoming common, and it is sickening. They are to the point now where they are taking over whole cities and requiring leaders to issue martial law.

We NEED to be worried about this because obviously, they don’t care who they attack or where they are from. These ISIS cooperators just want control, and we cannot allow them to have it.

President Trump has not come out to speak on this issue yet — we are waiting to hear his speech now. He is going to be disgusted by these animals. Hopefully, something can be done soon to take back this island and let the people in the Philippines get back to their normal lives.

As of right now, we know that at least three members of the security forces have been killed and twelve wounded. It is hard to say how many casualties are going to come from this event. Action needs to be taken — NOW.

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Source: BREAKING: While World Was Distracted By Manchester, ISIS Made Big Move

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