BREAKING: Trump’s Master Plan To Break ISIS and Iran Finally REVEALED, It’s EPIC

He’s the fighter we need!

President Trump has managed to do a lot for our country in just under a year. One of his crowning achievements regarding ISIS is just around the corner!

Trump recently took a trip to Saudi Arabia, where he spoke with leaders across the Middle East about the threat ISIS poses to the world. His master plan came together in glorious fashion when he convinced every country in the Middle East to rise up and take down ISIS. FINALLY, a president who cares (via Red State Watcher).

We sat back for eight years and watched as Obama let ISIS make threats, attack people on our soil, and raise the terrorism fear to a fever pitch. President Trump came in and said, “Not in my house.” He has vowed from the start to take out ISIS by any means necessary, and he is holding true to his word.

The Left scoffed and said that Trump would make an embarrassment out of us in the Middle East. It is part of their latest campaign to turn everyone against the president because the Left is full of nothing but children. We would love to see the looks on their faces now.

In just a short amount of time, Trump has managed to convince the Middle East that ISIS does not belong ANYWHERE in this world. They need to be eradicated for the future of all of us, our children, and generations to come.

Our president is 100 percent right. We should not have to live in this world of fear. We are all much better than that. It is going to take some hard work, but ISIS CAN and WILL be destroyed.

We have beefed up our security, built alliances with other countries, and united towards a common goal. Obama could not even achieve a quarter of this in the eight years he spent in the White House.

Obama instead catered to the needs of these terrorists, essentially armed and provoked them, then told the country we need to be more understanding. It was a pathetic display for the former commander-in-chief. It is nice to have someone on our side who is willing to fight.

If you want evidence of just how amazing our president is, take a look at his recent speech. He walked into the lion’s den, fearless and ready to get his point across. We all watched, hoping they would get the message. Trump presented himself like a true leader and left everyone stunned by the time it was all said and done.

We are taking strides in the right direction every day. It is going to be exciting to see what happens in the coming years as we all unite and take down terrorist organizations like Trump. Remember when liberals screeched that Trump was going to start World War III? It looks like he might be closer to global peace and understanding more than any other president before him.

You have to wonder how the Left is going to spin this one. It is bound to be hilarious, and luckily, we know the truth!

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Source: BREAKING: Trump’s Master Plan To Break ISIS and Iran Finally REVEALED, It’s EPIC

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