BREAKING: Trump Unleashes ‘Killer Drone Squad,’ ISIS Hit So Hard Allah Felt It

He’s getting it done!

The Obama era left our great nation crippled and weak. Because of Obama, we were the laughingstock of the world. Not anymore!

President Trump isn’t going to tolerate ISIS anymore. Under Trump’s command, we have been assaulting ISIS so much that we are running out of bombs. Finally, we are putting our military to good use! (via The Sun)

The mainstream media won’t report on this, because they hate our military. They would rather show the weakness of our military. Liberals are always protesting our foreign policy.

After eight years of Obama, we are in a horrible position. We need to show our strength to the world. We cannot rely on a do-nothing approach anymore. Thankfully, Trump understands this.

Unfortunately, the radical left and their mainstream media friends won’t let Trump do the deed. They are constantly complaining and whining. They need to be quiet.

The media pretends that Trump hasn’t accomplished anything. What nonsense! Trump has been bombing ISIS so much that we need to reload. Obama would never have had the courage to do that.

Obama wouldn’t have wanted to attack ISIS, because he sympathizes with radical Islam. We all know that Obama didn’t believe in terrorism. He refused to acknowledge that terrorism was real.

If Obama did mention terrorism, he did not admit that it was because of radical Islam. Obama loved to stick his head in the sand. He was the most anti-American president in American history.

At least we have Donald Trump to fix Obama’s mistakes. With Trump and our amazing military, we will put ISIS in their place. ISIS literally won’t know what hit them.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media won’t cover the truth. They need to rely on lies and deception to paint Trump in a false light. I wonder what tomorrow’s lie about Trump will be? It will likely have to do with Russia. The mainstream media has really clung onto this Russia nonsense. Putin is afraid of Trump; they are not the friends the mainstream media portrays them as. Trump is much tougher than Putin.

We need to remain vigilant, patriots. We cannot allow the Left to gain seats in our bloated government. If that happens, then we will really have a problem on our hands.

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Source: BREAKING: Trump Unleashes ‘Killer Drone Squad,’ ISIS Hit So Hard Allah Felt It

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