BREAKING: Trump Triples Down, Sends Third Carrier Strike Group Toward NK

President Donald Trump and American military have sent North Korea two very big messages with two carrier strike groups. Now, they’re sending in the Nimitz.

According to Voice of America, the Nimitz carrier strike group — led by the supercarrier USS Nimitz — will become the third carrier strike group deployed in the region. Carrier strike groups organized around the USS Carl Vinson and the USS Ronald Reagan have already been deployed to the region.

The Japan News reported that the Nimitz strike group would be deployed to the region for a six-month training mission. While the Nimitz is supposed to replace the Vinson, both carriers may be in the Korean Peninsula area “until the end of the mission transfer.” VOA noted that the presence of three carrier strike groups in the same region was an extremely rare occurrence.

The news came one day after Japan and the United States agreed to enforce more serious sanctions on North Korea at the G7 summit in Italy. It also came one day before the latest missile test by the North Korean government.

“President Trump and Prime Minister Abe agreed their teams would cooperate to enhance sanctions on North Korea, including by identifying and sanctioning entities that support North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear programs,” the White House announced Saturday, according to Reuters.

“They also agreed to further strengthen the alliance between the United States and Japan, to further each country’s capability to deter and defend against threats from North Korea.”

Then, in the early hours of Monday morning Korea time — Sunday evening on the East Coast — North Korea fired yet another missile into the Sea of Japan, according to CNBC. This time, it was a short-range Scud missile, the Soviet-developed armament favored by Saddam Hussein during his Kuwait-invading days.

While not one of the newer types that North Korea claims to have launched over the past few weeks, the incident was enough to spur South Korean President Moon Jae In to call a meeting of his National Security Council.

Eight years of “strategic patience” from the Obama administration has enabled North Korea’s leaders to believe it can rattle its tin-can sabers with impunity. Will the Nimitz be the naval straw that breaks the back of Pyongyang’s more minatory elements? That remains to be seen. However, as the events of the past few weeks have proven, patience is no longer a viable strategy.

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Source: Breaking: U.S. Navy Has Third Carrier Strike Group Steam Toward North Korea

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