BREAKING: Trump Just Set The Internet on Fire With BRUTAL Message To PC Liberals

Run to your safe spaces, Snowflakes!

President Trump has had enough. He is done playing politics, and he’s going to start holding liberals accountable for their traitorous actions.

President Trump is done with political correctness. There is NO TIME for mincing words as the rate of terror attacks continue to increase. He is going to shut down radical Islamic terrorists once and for all.


President Trump is done jumping through the liberals’ hoops. What we need is a TRAVEL BAN, not delicate phrases, and we need it now.

The travel ban was originally enacted by President Trump in his first week in office. However, 19 weeks later we are still waiting for the Supreme Court to reverse the lower court’s decision.

Multiple lower court judges have attempted to gain national attention by inventing a new legal standard. The decision to block the travel ban has no basis in law, and it’s purely motivated by a desire to oppose President Trump.

Instead of relying on the actual wording of the executive order, activist judges have decided to interpret some of President Trump’s campaign rhetoric as “proof” of the true motivation of the ban.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with the decision of lower courts late last month and upheld the stay on the travel ban. The debate will now be brought before the Supreme Court.

Despite the claims of the Fourth Circuit judges, the travel ban executive order has no direct religious motivations. Islamic countries are being targeted by the ban because Muslims are committing acts of terrorism at a much higher frequency than any other group of people.

The travel ban serves the singular purpose of enhancing the safety and security of the American people. The countries targeted by the travel ban were originally determined as high risk by the Obama administration and were selected because they do not share flight passenger information with our government.

America has been considered a joke by the international community for too long. Our allies and are enemies think they can walk all over us because they did for eight years.

Now, President Trump is going to stop playing nice. He is going to shut down the politically correct judges and return America to We the People.

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Source: BREAKING: Trump Just Set The Internet on Fire With BRUTAL Message To PC Liberals

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