BREAKING: Trump Breaks His Silence, Reveals Comey’s Nasty Crime

Comey is a crook.

Former FBI Director James Comey finally testified — and he accidentally revealed some fascinating information that the American people NEED to know.

President Trump is totally vindicated. Do you remember all of those “memos” from Comey the media was taunting us with? According to ABC News, it turns out that Comey, in true criminal fashion, leaked this information to his buddy, who, in return, gave it to the press!



In all honesty, it is not surprising to find that it was all a plan hatched inside Comey’s head. President Trump logged onto his Twitter and had a few choice words about the former director of the FBI. The most memorable line from the tweet being, “…and WOW, Comey is a leaker!”

The Left apparently decided that they want to side with Comey again. The argument they are using to justify his actions is that Comey marked his memo as “unclassified,” but there is more to it than that.  If President Trump used his executive privilege before the conversation, the memo is STILL considered classified, regardless of how Comey labeled it.

Trump does not have to make a grand statement such as, “This conversation falls under my executive privilege, so don’t ever talk about it.” If the president said anything basic, such as, “Ok, let’s speak in private,” Comey had no right to share that information with ANYONE.

It is obviously a case of who-said-what at this point. The fact remains, if Comey was unsure, he should have kept his mouth SHUT.  We have a hunch that had his conversation been with any other president,  he would not have shared any of the details of their conversation.

Realistically, it all comes down to accountability. Comey did an awful job of being accountable for his actions leading up to his testimony. Instead of just telling the truth from the start, he LET the Left take this story and run with it.

If he had been honest from the start, it would not have played nearly as bad in the news. Instead, he let the media get to a fever pitch with the story until it spawned a slew of other “fake news” stories.

You have to wonder what role Loretta Lynch had in Comey’s move to release the memo to his friend. Lynch had an impact on Comey by telling him that he needed to “just drop” the Hillary investigation, so would it be so strange to consider that she had a role in this scenario as well?

All we know at this point is that Comey DID commit a crime. We feel as if once this investigation is said and done, we are going to have some in-depth insight into the corrupt cogs within the Liberal machine.

These folks have one goal in mind: they want to take down President Trump. We cannot allow them to do that, ESPECIALLY considering Trump did NOTHING wrong but for the fact that he had a private conversation with someone he shouldn’t have trusted.

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Source: BREAKING: Trump Breaks His Silence, Reveals Comey’s Nasty Crime

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