BREAKING: Sheriff Clarke Issues SHOCK Announcement, He’s Going Into ATTACK Mode

Breaking now!

Milwaukee Sheriff, David Clarke, is one of the most influential figures who supports President Trump. We just learned something new about his transition to the Department of Homeland Security.

Washington Post initially reported that David Clarke is rescinding his initial nomination to sit on the Department of Homeland Security. In a shocking twist, Clarke informed John Kelly, of the DHS, that he decided to pull back his offer in order to become an assistant secretary.

One of Clarke’s assistants stated that Sheriff Clarke is still behind President Trump, and everything that he does. Clarke believes that his particular set of skills could be better suited to “a more aggressive role.”

We’re curious as to what this “more aggressive” role could be, and how exactly Clarke plans to promote the president’s agenda. We KNOW that Clarke has a sharp tongue, and is willing to let people know the TRUTH, regardless of how they feel about it.

It’s obvious that, wherever the Sheriff ends up, he’s going to help Trump in big and exciting ways. The president has yet to speak on this matter, but we’ll be keeping our ears open.

Initially, everyone thought that Clarke was going to assume his role with the DHS at the end of June. We DID hear some talk of delays, but nothing like this — until today. Washington Post also noted that, according to an administration official, delays were a big reason Clarke opted out of the role.

When David first joined the police force in 1978, he had a good head on his shoulders. He was strong, and willing to stand up for justice. Since that time, he’s grown into a hardened, stern-faced man — one who will take anyone on in a debate.

Clarke has appearances on both left and Right-wing media outlets. He’s never afraid to share his opinions. This is why the left dislikes him.

If you read ANY article on Clarke that was written by the left, it’s a heavily-critical piece. The left LOOK for reasons to discredit Clarke, all because they don’t like someone who stands ups to them.

We hope Clarke will have the opportunity to set some people straight. The WORLD needs more people like the Sheriff out there, speaking the truth to the masses. The sooner we get people to see, and understand what’s going on in the world around us, the quicker we can put our efforts toward truly making America great again!

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Source: BREAKING: Sheriff Clarke Issues SHOCK Announcement, He’s Going Into ATTACK Mode

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