BREAKING: Putin Just Dropped MAJOR Trump Bombshell – Liberals Are FREAKING Out

This is MAJOR!

A large part of our country continues to remain in complete denial over Donald Trump’s win back in 2016. The Left simply can’t understand how their candidate could’ve lost to Trump.

This denial is eating liberals alive. They can’t seem to admit that Hillary Clinton lost because she’s a terrible person. We are also sick of hearing about the Left’s attempts at connecting Trump to Russia. Vladimir Putin himself is over all of this as well, stating that Trump simply ran a superior campaign. He also said that the so-called “hacking” accusation against Russia could’ve been faked by U.S. intelligence agencies. (via Reuters)

The Left blatantly refuses to accept the results of 2016’s Presidential Election. Instead of accepting the truth and moving forward, they decide to promulgate lies. We can see right through their game, and their denial is eating them alive.

Vladimir Putin mentioned that he reviewed the U.S. intelligence reports for himself, and stated, “Even in these reports, there is nothing specific, but only assumptions and conclusions based on assumptions. Where are the fingerprints? IP addresses can be faked. Do you know how many specialists there are who can make it look as if your children sent something from your home IP address? They can fake anything and then accuse anyone. It’s not evidence.” (via Newsmax)

Putin is right when he acknowledges that anyone could fake an IP address. The “evidence” that the Left is relying upon to make their claims is completely unreliable. Instead of using falsehoods to support an obvious untruth, liberals should be investing their time in understanding why their candidate actually lost.

It was clear that Putin was irritated that he even had to address this matter. He further stated at the International Economic Forum, “But the problem is not with us, the problem is inside American politics. The other (Clinton) team miscalculated. They don’t want to admit their mistake. It’s easier for them to say that they are not guilty, that the Russians are the guilty ones for interfering in our election.” (via Newsmax)

Hillary Clinton’s lack of appeal is one of the main reasons why she didn’t win. Instead of talking about transgender bathrooms and defending the honor of our radical Islamic enemies, she should’ve of focused on winning over the hearts of those in flyover nation. Donald Trump represented the ideals of the common people of this country. Hillary did not.

Middle-class America’s sole concern this year was feeding their families, affording their health insurance, and keeping their jobs. The only candidate who offered an empathetic understanding to these matters was Donald Trump. Hillary lost because she is a shrill, corrupt, and unrelatable person.

She even went as far as blaming America for resisting a woman president due to the country’s “misogyny.” She went on and on about how sexist the country has been, and still is. Newsflash, Mrs. Clinton — America doesn’t dislike women. America dislikes you, and that’s why you lost.

Instead of acknowledging Hillary’s lack of appeal to flyover nation, her base of brainless idiots continues to perpetuate lies as to why she lost. The Russian narrative is tired and old. Putin himself realizes this.

The Left will continue to inflate their denial over why Hillary lost by blaming Russia, and peddling other unprovable claims. Hillary will “move on” by brainwashing her base with her flashy “Stronger Together” campaign.

While all of this ridiculousness ensues, the Right will continue to make progress in the country — under the brave representation of Donald Trump.

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Source: BREAKING: Putin Just Dropped MAJOR Trump Bombshell – Liberals Are FREAKING Out

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