BREAKING: Muslims Go On Killing Spree, Liberal Media REFUSES To Report What Happened

This is appalling.

We’re all well aware of the kind of danger radical Muslims pose to the world. We need to let EVERYONE know about their latest killing spree NOW!

Ramadan, the Holy Month for Muslims, is also the bloodiest month, according to Breitbart. The staggering kill totals for this month in Muslim countries are around 1,003 deaths, and 1,036 injuries (from extremists) just 14 days in. There’s a complete media blackout in light of the seriousness of this situation.

There’s been a total of 70 attacks spread across 21 majority-Muslim countries, and we’re not even at the halfway mark for Ramadan. We’re talking beheadings, torture, public burnings, shootings, stabbings, EVERYTHING. It’s SICK that the Left is still trying to push the agenda that Islam is a religion of peace.

If it were a religion of peace, none of this would be happening. But it’s not one or two nutjobs. There’s enough of them to take down over 1,000 people, and injure another 1,000 — in a VERY short amount of time.  Can you imagine if any other religion were causing this kind of damage throughout the world? There would be national headlines everywhere.

Instead, the mainstream media is talking about “peaceful protests” and attacking Trump — at least when they’re not admitting that Comey confirmed the absence of a Trump-Russia conspiracy. We bet that was a hard pill for them to swallow!

We’re living in sick times, where children get murdered because grown men want to make it to “heaven.” This issue needs to be addressed head-on, so that we can save the lives of more innocent people who have done nothing wrong.

The media need to collectively pull their heads out of their rear ends and start doing some HONEST reporting. Radical Muslims are a REAL threat to our country. If you look at what they’re doing in their own country, and places like England, you HAVE to be concerned.

People are dying every single day. We can’t ignore it any longer. Soon, we’re going to have to deal with the problem head-on, or people are going to keep dying on OUR soil — we won’t let that happen.

If you get the chance take a stand, speak out about the “holy month,” and let others know that innocents are dying just for being infidels. Tell them our country is under threat from those who don’t care about us OR our values.

President Trump has been working tirelessly to make sure we keep as many dangerous people out of our country as possible. Trump understands that we value our friends, family, and neighbors — and we want them to be safe. If we allow radical Muslims into our country, we’re putting everyone — including ourselves — in danger.

It’s hard to say how many people are going to die by the end of the Holy month, and all at the hands of radical Muslims. We need to look on, and heed the warning. If we don’t change things drastically, we could find ourselves in the same boat, fighting for our lives.

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Source: BREAKING: Muslims Go On Killing Spree, Liberal Media REFUSES To Report What Happened

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