BREAKING: Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actress Just ATTACKED Jesus Christ. Will You Boycott?

This is SAD!

Hollywood is such a cesspool of liberal groupthink. Young Jennifer Lawrence had little hope of ever thinking for herself.

During an interview for her movie The Hunger Games, Lawrence said, “All those people holding their crucifixes, which may as well be pitchforks, thinking they’re fighting the good fight. I grew up in Kentucky. I know how they are” (via Washington Feed).

Lawrence was raised in Kentucky in a Republican family, but apparently didn’t absorb any of the party’s actual values, or the proud values of religious conservatives.

Instead, the actress constructed a straw man. She references Kim Davis, the county clerk from Kentucky, who refused to sign on gay marriage certificates and was jailed for her stance.

Apparently, this simple clerk, who stood up for her freedoms and personal ethics, (and was jailed for it) is holding the pitchfork?

Lawrence doesn’t realize that in the liberal push to give gay couples marriage, freedoms have been taken away from religious people in this country. Our conscience is no longer respected.

The liberals are the ones holding the pitchforks. They do not actually want equality, freedom, or justice, though you’ll often hear them calling for all three. What they really want is a society where the religion is liberal political ideology.

You can’t choose to live by different principles than the ones liberals want you to, or else the state will throw you in jail. Lawrence even makes her own liberal blasphemy rule, telling the interviewer not to mention Davis’s name in her house. The actress embodies political correctness at its worst.

It’s true, Lawrence, that many religious Americans think that gay couples should not be able to undergo the same bond of marriage that we experience. But you won’t hear us calling for gays to be jailed, nor would we tolerate a court system that did such a horrible thing.

We invite them into our homes and lives, just as Christ would. We just respect marriage and the Bible, and we cannot understand why so many non-religious people think they have a right to our sacrament.

The truly intolerant are the liberal Hollywood elite, who think they have the right to shove their lifestyles onto other people.

If Lawrence’s ridiculous opinion upsets you, just remember that she has been brainwashed. She’s probably never even heard our real arguments, not since she was a child, anyway. Until we fix our education system, and inject some conservative people into our media, Hollywood included, the next young starlet will be even more ignorant than Lawrence.

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Source: BREAKING: Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actress Just ATTACKED Jesus Christ. Will You Boycott?

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