BREAKING: Dallas Paramedic Shooter’s Stunning Connection to Obama Just Revealed

This is shocking!

Obama hated our country, and he spent his eight years in office undermining American values and traditions. Obama is a proven radical Islam sympathizer.

Former president Obama was connected and involved with the New Black Panther Party (NBPP). On Monday, the lead “commander” of the NBPP killed his roommate and shot a paramedic and neighbor. How is Obama going to explain this one? (via NBC)

Obama’s connection with NBPP has been well-documented, but the mainstream media has constantly ignored the story. They cannot accept that Obama was anti-American. (via WND)

We need to hold the media and Obama accountable for their lies. We cannot continue to allow politicians to get away with their lies and crimes. Obama needs to comment on this shooting as soon as possible, but he won’t, because he doesn’t know how to explain it.

The Left loves to elect criminals into the Democratic party. They cannot find any honest candidates. It is truly sad and pathetic. They don’t even elect their candidates honestly; just look at how Clinton was elected.

We all know that the Democratic National Committee is a scandalous organization with ties to the Russian government, but the mainstream media would rather blame these connections on Trump. They have no shame.

The RINOs never comment on these stories. They would rather bash Donald Trump than address the corruption in the Democratic party. Why is that it? Is it because the RINOs are corrupt, too?

George Soros has bought and paid for all of these candidates. The famous globalist won’t rest until he has ruined our great country. That man only cares about his investments. He has no remorse for us hardworking Americans.

We need to make sure the Left doesn’t sneak their way back into office. They always find a way to silence honest conservative voices. We need more conservative journalists in our country. There are too few. Why is that? Is it because conservatives actually work and contribute to the economy?

Conservatives are too busy contributing to the economy, while liberals like to hide behind their computers. The Left can’t put forth a good argument against conservatism, which is probably why they need to elect criminals.

After eight years of Obama, we have more criminals in our capitol than a prison. We need to drain the swamp, and thank goodness we have Donald Trump to do the job. With Donald Trump, we will finally see some accountability.

Unfortunately, the Left will do anything in their power to smear Donald Trump. Liberals would rather watch our country suffer than contribute to its greatness. We need to elect more conservatives into office. We need to make America great again!

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Source: BREAKING: Dallas Paramedic Shooter’s Stunning Connection to Obama Just Revealed

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