BREAKING: Bernie Sanders’ NASTY Response To Shooting Proves He’s a LIAR

Uh oh.

Information is still coming through on the horrifying story of Congressman Steve Scalise, his aide, and two police officers getting shot during a GOP baseball practice in Virginia.

We learned that the shooter, James Hodgkinson, hated conservatives and was an avid Bernie Sanders supporter — he even helped Bernie on his campaign. Sanders had a chance to prove that he is not a  biased liar, but he failed miserably. Back in 2015, Sanders blamed “bitter rhetoric” on a shooting at Planned Parenthood. This time around, when Sanders condemned the violence, he failed to mention that “bitter rhetoric” was involved at all! (via CNN)

Bernie seems like the kind of guy who only feels sorry for people who get hurt if they are doing it defending Left-wing and Socialist views. If you don’t believe the same things he does politically, it doesn’t really matter to him. The clip from CNN is VERY revealing.

When you listen to him talk you can HEAR him condemning the violence, but there is also an undertone. If you listen carefully enough you can almost hear Sander’s tone suggest “I am just doing this because it is expected of me.” If the news that Hodgkinson was a Sanders supporter never came out, Bernie would have kept his mouth shut.

The Patriots of this country are sick of listening to liberals make excuses for why bad things seem to happen like this. We just want them to be truthful. The tension in this country is at an all-time high, politically, and the Left is to blame.

Liberals are not interested in having an intelligent conversation. Their behavior mimics that of a toddler. They want their way and they want it NOW.

If you do not give into their demands they will get everyone all riled up and promote violence. We sure don’t recall Bernie coming out to apologize for the riots that the Left caused in recent times. Maybe because his name wasn’t brought up in the mix.

There needs to be a serious discussion about what needs to happen with Democrats and Progressives. They are no longer threatening violence, they are SHOOTING people.

Innocent people are being hospitalized and could have potentially been murdered because they don’t “think the right way”. It is so pathetic to see our country sink to this level. We know that there are enough patriots here — along with President Trump, that we can turn this all around.

Our country CAN be great again. We need to ditch the Democrats and Progressives — and their feelings — and, instead, focus on FACTS and the FUTURE.

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Source: BREAKING: Bernie Sanders’ NASTY Response To Shooting Proves He’s a LIAR

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