BREAKING: American Flag BANNED At Arlington National After Tragic Accident


Patriots visiting the Arlington National Cemetery yesterday were shocked to learn that the American Flag was forbidden.

An unforeseen consequence of a bill passed by Democrats in 2006 bans the waving the American Flag at Arlington National Cemetery. Violators of the law face fines and up to a year in prison (via

The law was passed in response to the fanatical members of the Westboro Baptist Church who were frequently protesting military funerals in the mid-2000s.

Members of the small Kansas sect were visiting National cemeteries to protest during military funerals. According to the radical group, soldiers were dying as a punishment for the normalization of homosexuality in America.

The law was left intentionally vague to avoid violating rights to free speech, and as a result, “any placard, banner, flag, or similar device” is forbidden from being displayed in the cemetery.

Exemptions in the law allow for flags to be displayed if they are a part of a funeral or memorial, allowing the miniature American flags to be placed in front of each grave.

Banning particular flags and placards would violate our First Amendment rights resulting in an all or nothing approach; either all flags are banned, or no flags are banned.

But the law is generating ire amongst our Veterans. “There’s absolutely, positively nothing disrespectful whatsoever about carrying the colors to the cemetery where our fallen armed forces are buried,” said retired Staff Sergeant Earl Granville.

The unforeseen consequences of the well-meaning bill are regrettable but not surprising. Democrat-backed bills are often chock full of unintended consequences. This is a result of the short-sighted and emotionally-driven approach employed by liberals.

Minimum wage laws increase unemployment, social security often destroys ambition and lowers the standard of living of those already in need. Almost every policy promoted by the Left sounds good in theory but fails when put into action.

Conservatives are often accused of callousness when we are just realists. Conservatives understand that everything in life is a balance, and nothing is perfect.

So now, lawmakers must balance the importance of raising our flag proud or protecting the families of fallen soldiers from undue ridicule.

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Source: BREAKING: American Flag BANNED At Arlington National After Tragic Accident

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