BOMBSHELL REPORT Destroys Anti-Trump Narrative On “Climate Change”. It’s Over.

It’s about time this happened!

There’s nothing that unites the Left quite like climate change (formerly known as “global warming”). Brain-dead liberals truly believe that the “science is settled” and that anyone who denies climate change should be put to death.

However, despite all the hoopla about President Trump’s “anti-science” stance, a grand total of fifty-eight scientific papers have been published in 2017 that call into question climate change. Each one of these papers proves that the idea that a man-made apocalypse is imminent is a LIE (via Breitbart).

In summation, the minute warming that we are seeing is neither global nor historically unusual. In fact, the eighty graphs published by those fifty-eight papers prove that climate change is neither uniform nor significant (via No Tricks Zone).

It sounds like the “consensus” is slipping.

Besides highlighting just how politicized supposedly “neutral” science has become, the story of fake climate change highlights the importance of not placing too much faith in “settled science”.

Science is an evolving discipline. The idea that it could ever be settled is ridiculous.

Many scientists, a vast majority of whom are atheists or agnostic secularists, believe that Darwinian evolution disproves the existence of God.

Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist, believes that he has discovered evidence of intelligent design in the very essence of life (via Intellectual Takeout).

For decades, scientists have accepted the “Out of Africa” theory that all human life first began on the African continent. Recent discoveries in Greece and Bulgaria, including the remains of a 7.2 million-year-old pre-human, may point out that life could have begun in Europe first (via Science Daily).

Many scientists have also argued that the ancient Egyptians, biologically similar to modern Egyptians, have Semitic, Mediterranean, and sub-Saharan Africa DNA. Some Left-wing academics have even agreed with the Afro-centric idea that all ancient Egyptians were black.

Brand new DNA testing of Egyptian mummies proves that the ancient peoples of the Nile had more in common with modern-day Europeans and Turks then they did with today’s Egyptians (via Washington Post).

When it comes to climate change, this fabrication has cost world governments millions in unnecessary “green” projects. At its root, climate change actors — and the scientists who support it — are money-hungry agents who seek to weaken capitalism by hyperventilating about a false environmental collapse.

The falsity of modern-day environmentalism does not just stop with climate change. Many greenies also support illegal immigration, which is one of the leading causes of pollution in the Southwest (via NYU).

It is time to end the climate change charade.

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Source: BOMBSHELL REPORT Destroys Anti-Trump Narrative On “Climate Change”. It’s Over.

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