BOMBSHELL: Pro-Trump Journalist Just BUSTED Dems Rigging Seth Rich Investigation

This is highly illegal!

The ongoing Seth Rich investigation continues to raise eyebrows across the country. The former DNC staffer’s murder has all the makings of a deep state cover-up. One intrepid Washington insider has even provided proof that the “fix is in.”

Roger Stone, a former member of the Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan teams, has tweeted out something extremely fishy. The Infowars anchor has revealed that Steven Wasserman, the brother of disgraced former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is the federal prosecutor in the Rich case. If true, this means that the Democrats are trying to obstruct justice.


Backstage politics is certainly a specialty of Wasserman Schultz. The longtime Clinton aide was recently caught threatening the chief of the U.S. Capitol Police with “consequences” if he and his team did not immediately return technical equipment that belonged to her office.

Police investigators were holding the items as evidence in their ongoing case against Wasserman Schultz’s IT team, via The Daily Caller.

The Awan family, five of whom are currently facing serious charges for selling top secret information to foreign buyers, reportedly used their access to DNC emails and computers in order to rake about $4 million, via The Daily Caller.

Even worse,  the Awans have ties to an Iraqi doctor named Ali al-Attar. Attar himself has been spotted by U.S. intelligence agencies meeting with Hezbollah and other terrorist groups, via The American Spectator.  As can be seen, corruption runs deep in the DNC.

Insofar as the investigation into Seth Rich’s murder goes, Wasserman Schultz and her minions may be interested in burying the case simply because Rich looks like the man responsible for giving WikiLeaks thousands of DNC emails. Furthermore, if the Rich case goes away, then the other investigations into the illegal dealings of the Democrats may also go away.

Hopefully, by exposing this development, Mr. Stone has done a great service for justice in this country. Seeing as he is related to Wasserman Schultz, a proper court would dismiss Mr. Wasserman as a partisan individual. The Rich family deserves to know the truth, not the DNC’s version of the “truth.”

There still remains the possibility that Rich’s murder has nothing to do with the DNC email leaks. However, by continuing to investigate the matter further, we can see for ourselves other scandals that plague the Democrat house.

Indeed, the Awan brothers look far more likely to bring the Democrats down than Seth Rich.

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Source: BOMBSHELL: Pro-Trump Journalist Just BUSTED Dems Rigging Seth Rich Investigation

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