Black Professor Says “White People Might Have to Die”… College President Issues SICK Response

How can they get away with this?

American higher education is a rotten, festering corpse, thanks to millions of dollars and academic disciplines that are founded on cultural Marxism and a hatred of Western civilization.

As a prime example of this filth, Dr. Tommy Curry of Texas A&M University said on a podcast that “In order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people have to die.” This is what your children are learning — “critical race theory” — that justifies racism and murder as “social justice.” via Gateway Pundit.

Even worse, university president Michael K. Young sent out an email defending Curry’s right to free speech.

In President Young’s nonsensical reply to this outrage, he claims that Texas A&M University stands for “equality” and stands against “the advocacy of violence, hate, and killing.” I guess when someone advocates violence, hate, and killing in the name of equality, then all is fair, via KBTX.

The very fact that a professor was on a podcast in order to discuss “killing white people in context” is simply appalling, not to mention, unprofessional. Critical race theory is nothing but genocidal hatred.

It is pointless to argue about the scenario if roles were reversed. We all know that any white professor who said the same about blacks would be removed from his position and possibly charged with a hate crime.

White people and conservatives are given the same First Amendment rights on college campuses as blacks, gays, and other minorities. Racism against white people is very real.

But why does it exist on college campuses? In Scott Greer’s brilliant No Campus For White Men, he argues that anti-white racism is the only glue that holds the insane Democratic coalition together. Without a common enemy in the evil, white, Christian patriarchy, the American Left would only eat each other, via No Campus For White Men.

The saga of Professor Curry highlights many of the most disgusting trends currently going on in American life. For one, credentialed professors are telling white children to hate themselves and to allow others to kill them in the name of false equality.

Second, spineless college administrators have consistently given in to the whims of a noisy minority of black students who demand separate treatment. From Missouri students forcing the school to virtually shut down over a hate crime hoax to Harvard students striking for and getting a separate graduation ceremony for black students, our campuses have exposed the depths of black privilege, via FOX News.

Let’s defund most college campuses, remove all anti-white majors, and bring back trade schools. America is not a studentocracy. Give them real work.

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Source: Black Professor Says “White People Might Have to Die”… College President Issues SICK Response

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