Big Bad Terrorists Learn the Hard Way the US Special Operations Are the Real Deal

United States Special Forces joined with the Somali military to destroy al-Shabab fighters, Africa’s most deadly terrorist group.

According to The Daily Caller, U.S. and Somali military forces conducted a joint raid on the Al Qaeda connected group on July 13.

RealClear Defense reported that U.S. forces killed several al-Shabab fighters, while there was not one U.S. casualty.

Military officials labeled the raid as an “advise and assist” mission.

Somali and U.S. military forces joined together in two helicopters and raided a detention center run by al-Shabab in Kunya-Barrow village in Lower Shabelle region. As a result, they were able to safely free a number of detainees.

According to Business Insider, this is not the first raid conducted on the terrorist group and probably not the last, thanks to President Donald Trump’s decision to approve expanded military operations against al-Shabab.

In June 2017, U.S. forces killed eight jihadists during an airstrike targeting a rebel command in the south of Somalia.

Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed confirmed that a training camp near Sakow in the Middle Juba region was destroyed as a result of those U.S. led efforts.

U.S. forces aren’t going to be strangers to al-Shabab fighters. More attacks are planned as long as the terrorists continue to grow in the region. Those operations include airstrikes, raids, and other “aggressive action.”

This just three months after the first U.S. troops arrived in Somalia, the “largest such deployment to Somalia in roughly two decades.”

These terrorist cowards did not prepare to fight against the strength of the United States military.

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Source: Al Qaeda Decimated by US Special Operations

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