This homemade, giant cap-and-ball revolver is sized to an unbelievable proportion. It actually took the Guinness World Record.

You think your cap-and-ball black powder revolver is big? Think again! 

What happens when a man goes after the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest working revolver with a homemade super-sized cap and ball revolver?

You get a giant replica of a Remington Model 1859, in pretty much full operating order.

Poland resident Ryszard Tobys hand built this mammoth six-round revolver, which took an incredible 2,500 hours to complete and shoots huge, 4.8 ounce lead balls.

This beast of a gun is quite accurate too! Mr. Tobys, you are indeed the master of super revolvers and DIY craftsmanship.

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Source: Behold the Biggest Working Revolver in the World

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