ALERT: Documentary Under Attack For Exposing The TRUTH About Islam [VIDEO]


The West needs to know the truth about Islam. Since the globalists are determined to import millions of Muslims into Europe and North America, we must educate the people — before it’s too late.

A new documentary called Wilders has appeared, and its goal is to force the left to confront its own cowardice. Directed by American filmmaker Stephen Robert Morse, Wilders profiles Dutch politician Geert Wilders, a populist-nationalist who correctly argues that there’s no place for Islam in Europe, via Breitbart.

Because of his brave defiance of Islam and its adherents, Wilders has to be escorted by an armed guard at all times.

Even in America, Mr. Wilders needs guns to protect him. Wilders was actually in attendance in Garland, Texas when two jihadi terrorists tried to kill people at the “Draw Muhammad” exhibit, via MSNBC.

Wilders is also good friends with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali immigrant to the Netherlands, who gave up her Islamic faith in order to Westernize.

Since then, this victim of female genital mutilation, who routinely speaks out against Sharia law, has been forced to flee Holland — owing to the numerous death threats that she gets every day.

Other voices of freedom in the Netherlands have not been so lucky. Filmmaker Theo van Gogh, a very vocal critic of Islam, was murdered by an ethnic Moroccan named Mohammed Bouyeri. After shooting van Gogh and trying to decapitate him, Bouyeri left a note on van Gogh’s corpse, making it clear that he was motivated by Islam, via Independent

Pim Fortuyn, the charismatic leader of a populist revolt against multiculturalism in the Netherlands, was assassinated by an animal welfare activist who worried about Fortuyn’s “racism,” via BBC.

Despite such history of Islamic and far-Left terrorism against the voices of sanity in Dutch society, the mainstream media in Amsterdam continues to see people like Geert Wilders as the bad guys.

In December 2016, as Wilders was running for Prime Minister, he was found guilty of “inciting discrimination” against the Moroccan population of the Netherlands, via The Guardian.

This conviction temporarily boosted Wilders’ popularity. However, he ultimately lost the election to establishment candidate Mark Rutte, whose government refused to form a coalition with Wilders’ Party for Freedom.

With Islam, there can be no free speech. With more Muslims in Europe and North America, there will also be increased terrorism. It’s really that simple.

Wilders is a warning to all patriots of the West. Do not becomes dhimmis in your own lands.

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Source: ALERT: Documentary Under Attack For Exposing The TRUTH About Islam [VIDEO]

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