Absurd Off-Broadway Anti-Trump Play Forced to Shut Down for Humiliating Reason

An Off-Broadway play that took jabs at President Donald Trump is shutting down for an embarrassing reason.

Building the Wall,” written by Pulitzer and Tony winning political playwright Robert Schenkkan, will be closing down due to lackluster ticket sales.

The play’s producer, Jeffrey Richards, told The New York Times that the play is ending a month early.

“Our author built a powerful play; however, during this Tony Awards season and during a season which has not been kind to straight plays, we were unable to build an audience,” Richards said. “It is especially difficult to do so when you are Off Broadway.”

Schenkkan also posted to Twitter that the play’s “final performances” were over the weekend.

The play tells the story of a bleak world after Trump’s presidency. The Times reported that the drama painted a “dark vision of an America in recovery after the imagined impeachment of President Trump.”

Schenkkan said he wrote the 90-minute play in one week during what he described as a “white-hot fury.”

“We no longer live in a world that is business as usual — Trump has made that very clear — and if theater is going to remain relevant, we must become faster to respond,” the playwright told The Times. “We cannot hope to be useful if we can’t respond until 18 months after the fact.”

Maybe so, but apparently it takes more than than “white hot fury” and a desire to trash the president to write a successful play.

Perhaps the drama was unable to build an audience because there’s a glut of preachy leftist material for free. Why shell out money for a sub-par show like this one apparently was when there’s CNN and MSNBC.

If a play that slams Trump cannot survive in the liberal quagmire that is New York City, then it probably won’t survive anywhere.

Richards claimed the production was recently extended for a third time in Los Angeles, and that it is in rehearsal in Chicago, Tucson, Miami, and Santa Fe but that doesn’t mean it will draw the audience, or the reaction, he intended.

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Source: Anti-Trump Off-Broadway Play Shuts Down After Poor Ticket Sales

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