27 Year-Old Video Reveals the Beginning of CNN’s Feud With Trump

A video from 1990 showed that then-businessman Donald Trump knew years ago that CNN was not the bastion of journalistic excellence it claims itself to be.

In the video, CNN reporter Charles Feldman interviewed Trump about the opening of his Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City. Feldman mentioned securities analyst Marvin Roffman and other financial analysts who predicted the casino would not survive.

Trump, put off by the mention of negative comments about the casino’s future, mentioned inaccurate reporting by the media, which included CNN. When Feldman asked Trump for an example, the president said that the demeanor of reporters, as well as their questions, was inaccurate — or, like we call it today, fake.

When Feldman asked Trump to explain, the president said the questions were put in such a way that they seemed like statements, which, in his estimation, was not good reporting. When Feldman asked for examples, Trump declined, saying he didn’t didn’t think his viewers would be very interested.

Trump added that he didn’t want to embarrass Feldman but it seemed that he already had.

The interview went on a little bit longer before Feldman returned to more negative remarks people had made about the casino.

And that was Trump’s breaking point. He said he’d had enough, removed his mic and told Feldman he was negative and unfair. He stood up, shook Feldman’s hand and walked out of the room.

It’s pure gold. Take a look:


It wouldn’t be surprising if CNN has harbored a grudge against Trump all these years and tried to damage his reputation ever since. Ironically, it’s CNN’s reputation that has gone downhill as more viewers become aware of the network’s liberal agenda.

It’s worth noting that the Trump we see in this video doesn’t appear to be much different than the Trump we see now, which is something that cannot be said about many — if any — politicians.

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Source: 27-Year-Old Video Proves Trump’s Contempt for CNN Burned Even Back Then

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