17-Year-Old Girl Delivers Her Own Brand of Justice When Spotting Home Intruder

A teenage girl in Spokane, Washington, this week demonstrated why our Second Amendment rights are so important.

Kimber Woods, 17, was home alone Monday morning when she learned that a car thief was on the run in the area, according to KHQ in Spokane.

Fortunately, her father kept guns in the house, so when the thief broke into the home, Woods was armed and ready to deliver justice.

The incident actually started about 5 a.m. Monday, when a car thief fled from his stolen vehicle in the area and Spokane County deputies set up a perimeter and began searching for the fugitive. Woods’ boyfriend and parents heard about the pursuit on a local news show and warned the girl to be on the lookout.

Woods got her father’s permission to borrow one of his firearms for protection, and put it under her pillow before going back to sleep.

Shortly thereafter, the teenager was woken up by the sound of someone breaking into her home.

Woods said she pulled the gun on the man and yelled, “Who are you?” and “Get the [expletive] out of my house!”

The intruder then ran outside and stole her boyfriend’s ATV as Woods fired one shot into the ground, KHQ reported.

Police were still searching for the car thief, but Kimber Woods had made sure he didn’t make a victim of her.

The gun-loving American West is not a place that suffers car thieves gladly. Home invaders can also be dealt with. And Woods proved both of those statements to be true with her reaction Monday morning.

If she had not been armed, or comfortable enough in using a firearm to defend herself, who knows what would have happened to her or what the suspect would have stolen from her home.

She didn’t have time for the police to help, so she took matters into her own hands, which is exactly why our constitutional gun rights are so important.

We are certainly proud of Kimber for using her Second Amendment rights and her parents for teaching her how to defend herself.

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Source: 17-Year-Old Delivers Her Own Brand of Justice

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